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              Below, you can read comments from actual Customers of "FixMyStitcher.Com" 


​Last week, I hired Mark, owner of Fix My, to work on the Singer machine I use to create vertical blinds, and other window treatments. Mind you, this machine is pretty old!  But  - Mark was SO patient about working with the machine to improve it, and now - it's literally working better than ever! Mark also took the time to explain the work he had done on the Singer, and - he actually gave me tips for avoiding trouble in the future that will save me time and money!!  Mark is a rare find; I highly recommend him! 
                   - Marilyn, Owner of Coastal Window Treatments, Sarasota, Florida

Mark is the very best in his field. He works hard to get the job done right; plus he's friendly, ethical, and knowledgeable.  Mark has over three decades of experience, and he always spends extra time with his customers answering their questions about their machines. That's why he's the only sewing machine technician we call.
-   The Romine Brothers (Jason and Nathan) Owners of A Plus Vacuum and Sewing ,                    Venice,Florida

Mark Williams is the only call I make for sewing machine repair. His work is very thorough, his prices are reasonable, and my customers are always extremely pleased. There are never any complaints when I call Mark for a sewing machine repair; he is the best sewing technician I know.
                                          - J.D. Rohrer, Owner of Vacuum Doctor in Sarasota, Florida

Mark is honest and reliable, and his prices are extremely reasonable. He even took time to show me how to adjust my machine myself at no extra charge!  Now I am more efficient in my own work because of what Mark taught me about my machines.
I have never found a repair person as skillful and as honest as Mark Williams, and he is the only technician I will use in the future. Thank you for going the extra mile to help your customers!

- Luda Ivanenko; Owner, Classic Alterations; Sarasota, FL

Boy, am I glad Mark is the Sarasota/Bradenton area ! He started the job on time as promised, and he explained how he fixed my wife's sewing machine. Mark gave us tips on how to avoid problems with the machine in the future at no extra charge! It's great to finally find a sewing machine technician who really knows his stuff and cares about his customers.  Thanks for the great work,  Mark!

- Ted Rogers;  Bradenton, Florida

I'm so glad I found out about  Mark at Fix My Stitcher . com. In the past 2 years,
I wasted a lot of time and money with repairmen who just could not figure out what was wrong. Once I called Mark, my problems with my sewing machine were solved.  Mark took the time to figure out what was wrong, and he got the repair done right the first time.

 Alice Daniels, Minneapolis, MN

I often vacation in Florida, and I travel with my sewing machine.  I depend on my sewing machine for daily use because I have a business making one-of-a-kind clothing, pillows, and textile art. Two months ago, I started having trouble with my sewing machine, and every repair person I called told me my machine  could not be repaired. I was faced with the prospect of having to pay thousands for a new machine when a neighbor, who is a full-time resident of Sarasota, recommended that I try Mark at .  
was so happy to hear Mark say that he could fix my machine, and he had it ready for me the very next day!  Mark saved me a lot of time and a ton of money.  He is the only repair person I will ever call in the future.

Katy Leland; Cinncinati, Ohio

Now that Mark Williams has fixed my sewing machine, it's literally better than new! Mark
 has a knack for getting the job done, and he's honest, dependable, and very polite. I hate to think of the money I've wasted with other repairmen. Mark has saved me a lot of money by getting the job done right.

Janet Blackstone.; Tampa, Florida

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